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5 Top Payroll Software Online for 2022

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The procedure of managing payroll is among the most complex areas of financial accounting that affects small companies. However, it’s also among the most important. This is why nearly every company with only a handful of employees utilizes online payroll software to simplify the process. There are many small-sized payroll software choices to choose from.

Thus, I’ve put together an inventory of the most popular payroll software for 2022.

What does it mean? Online Payroll Software?

The best online payroll software available in India on the internet is a software or program that automatizes employee payments to bank accounts and records the entire account. The majority of software allows employees to pay and also pay commissions for the wages of freelancers, contractors, and contractors. This can become difficult when you attempt to do it manually.

The software makes sure that the proper quantity of taxes are deducted and assists you in avoiding massive penalties. In addition, they can manage overtime and holiday hours calculations.

A lot of payroll software uses international arrangements for companies with employees from different nations. This helps you make sure that you’re not in violation of local laws or international laws on the employment of employees.

Payroll software can save you much time.

For small Businesses The Most Effective Payroll Online Software


Gusto stands ahead of the other businesses in terms of small-business requirements. Gusto even offers a complete contractor program to companies that only utilize these services.

That’s right. State, local and federal taxes are all taken care of in one place and later completed. Your tax season is now much more straightforward.

Gusto is much more than just the essential payroll software. Gusto includes other tools such as insurance to aid in obtaining protection for employees, HR tools such as time-tracking hiring and onboarding tools and more.

It’s a fantastic investment for businesses of all sizes.

The advantages of Gusto

A large portion of paying your employees is automated to reduce the work you’ll have to perform.

  • Contractors and freelancers are free of charge.
  • The employee’s perspective of things is fantastic.


Paychex is one of the most famous names in payroll software. It is an excellent choice for providing its services to small businesses. It provides access to their payroll system that is cloud-based certain plans have HR software.

Thus, Paychex is more than an online payroll system.

However, the most appealing aspect of Paychex is its mobile app. Not only employees who have access to the latest mobile application, but also employers. Payroll components can be controlled via any device using an intuitive app accessible for Android and IOS.

It’s the most potent payroll software for employers.

The other significant advantage of Paychex is the fact that Paychex is astonished in reporting. It can produce more than 160 kinds of reports to aid you in analyzing your business. But, they aren’t complete reports available only on premium plans.

Benefits of Paychex

  • Automatic tax filing for payroll
  • Plans can be altered to meet the needs of small-scale enterprises regardless of their size.
  • More than just a simple payroll tool


OnPay has enhanced its services in the past and is named one of the top choices for small-sized companies. It’s versatile, strong, swift, and quick. OnPay’s plans are cost-effective and easy for small businesses of any size.

It’s also valid for all 50 states.

One of the most significant changes you can see an underlying pattern in this listing is the addition of HR-related software. These tools are included in the program and are available to users for free. Some of the functions are automatic PTO management charting and orgs and a variety of other valuable tools.

The payroll software online is also simple to use. The interface is simple and divided into eight manageable sections, making it perfect for people just starting out. If you need help, it is possible to refer to their FAQ that you can use or call their expert helpline.

The advantages of OnPay

  • This tool will offer assistance to 1099 workers without additional cost.
  • Facilitating access to benefits is simple

Square Payroll

You can also opt to employ freelancers or contractors who use 1099 tax forms. It is good to use Square Payroll as among the most efficient options for small companies.

It’s because it’s the cheapest cost plan available to contract employees.

Instead of paying per person, you pay. It also offers plans for traditional and contractors employees, ensuring there’s something to suit each person.

Other options that should be thought about are seamless integration with the other Square products and services, including tax filing that is automated for quarterly and annual reports and mobile apps, and support and import of timecards to simplify the process to use mention a few of possibilities.

Benefits of Square Payroll

  • Live support is available at any time is needed.
  • No limit is placed to the number of contractors or employees.
  • Offer benefits to all employees.
  • Intuit QuickBooks Payroll

Intuit is one of the most well-known brands in the world of small business and tax assistance for small businesses. It shouldn’t be a surprise that they’ve created their payroll software, Intuit QuickBooks Payroll.

If you already use Payroll and QuickBooks Payroll Extension, it’s an obvious choice.

This payroll program’s significant and attractive advantage online is its integration function. There is no other software that comes even close to connecting payroll software with accounting books. It is also possible to connect other HR services to send tax forms to TurboTax, which is a different part of the Intuit family.

Benefits of the QuickBooks Payroll from Intuit

  • The UI is simple to use, making it perfect for people who are only getting started.
  • Support is available to help make sure that setting up is easy and fast.
  • Use the mobile app to see an immediate review of your accounts


Over time, the company has improved its software and has made it accessible to small-sized companies.

This company currently offers a 2-month trial at no cost!

The most notable highlights are the calculation of 401ks and workers compensation, the health benefits of insurance, making sure that the process of screening before hiring and the capability to run the payroll on the go with the mobile application and live support every day of the week.

One of the most striking features of this program is its focus on the Nanny. Do you know that you’re technically a business if you employ an child care worker?

Benefits of SurePayroll

  • Installation is easy and fast.
  • The process of making payroll can be automated
  • HR options are easily accessible.


Zenefits is a simple and easy payroll software for small-sized businesses that has among the best and most appealing styles available. Zenefits is also among the most affordable options for an all-inclusive payroll solution at only the cost of 10 bucks per month.

It will allow you to reduce time and help you save a lot of dollars.

One of the significant advantages of choosing this product is that it can work with various alternatives. This means it can be integrated into almost every business.

There are plenty of choices regarding the features to pay workers. The most important features include direct deposits and tip reporting. This allows employees to access their accounts once they quit the company and make the tax liability statement and

Zenefits Benefits Zenefits Benefits

Supports contractor payments at no extra cost

Make sure to check the payment details before making the payment to ensure that there aren’t any errors.

Take into account the costs of labour based on the situation.

As a senior business manager or payroll director, you have a few options of your payroll reasons and the way to manage the process. Secure and in-house software, or cloud-based, gives you the best opportunity to manage your payroll. However, if you want to make the most of this, look at the precision full-service options and their sequel. These are the characteristics of the most effective software for payroll management sources. Automated help you complete various tasks. HRMS computerization can make an easy task for you.

As a group assists you with various critical tasks on a large scale, robotics in Payroll will make everything simple for you. For one of the best payroll software in India administration software, try HR Payroll. HR Payroll is a single technique that can assist you in removing and managing payroll. So, learn from our mistakes and rethink your payroll system!

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