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5 WordPress Instagram Widget Tools For Your Brand

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Instagram is all over the place, and people love it. We have often found ourselves scrolling on Instagram for hours. That’s because of the engaging visuals this platform offers. Having 1.3 billion active users, marketers have declared Instagram the new focal for brand growth.

Not only that, many marketers have started leveraging the Instagram content on websites to boost their performances, and the results have been exceptional. 

The marketers are using Instagram widget tools the make it a seamless process. Keep reading to know all about it.

What Is An Instagram Widget?

Instagram Widget is a tool that enables users to seamlessly add Instagram posts to websites. Users can connect their Instagram account to the Widget tool, and it fetches their Instagram feed in one place. 

From there, users can curate a feed by choosing the content they would want to present to their website audience and generate an embed code. The users can paste this embed code on the backend of their website where they want the Widget to appear.

Well, aren’t you feeling intrigued to know more? Here are 5 WordPress Instagram widget tools for you.

Top 5 WordPress Instagram Widget Tools For Your Brand

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a user-friendly and performance-driven tool that enables users to collect Instagram posts using different methods like hashtags, handles, mentions, stories, Reels, tags, etc. Once you connect your Instagram account to Taggbox Widget, it brings all the content to the dashboard. 

Use the moderation and customization features to filter out the irrelevant content and use endless themes, layouts, fonts, colors, and other customization options to create an Instagram Widget that would perfectly blend with your brand’s theme.

Once that is done, you can generate an embed code and paste it on the backend of your WordPress website, where you want the Instagram Widget to appear. It doesn’t just end here. You get performance analytics for the Instagram widget embedded on your website. These analytics give you a better insight into how the widget is performing on your website. You get the number of clicks, the impressions, the dwell time, etc. These numbers will help you boost the performance of the Instagram Widget on your website.

2. Elfsight

Elfsight is another Instagram Widget tool for WordPress websites that enable users to curate and embed Instagram feeds. The tool is easy to manage and offers a code-free process. 

The only drawback is that users can only add content from their own Instagram account rather than fetching other kinds of public posts using hashtags or mentions. It helps increase the visibility of your Instagram account and improve website performance.

3. Tagembed

Tagembed is an Instagram Widget tool for WordPress websites that offers a no-code integration option of the Instagram Widget. The platform is very user-friendly. The tool claims to offer free-forever services, with limited features, of course. If you want to explore the tool more, you will have to switch to its paid plan. 

Just like Taggbox, this tool allows users to collect content from Instagram using hashtags, handles, mentions, tags, etc. You also get themes and other customization options to curate an Instagram Widget that would be perfectly compatible with your WordPress website.

4. Juicer

Juicer is an Instagram aggregator tool that fetches all the Instagram content for the users and adds it to the WordPress website. Juicer comes with real-time update options. It means that each time there is a new update on Instagram, Juicer immediately makes it appear on the website, giving a live experience to the WordPress website visitors.

The process is very seamless, and all you need is to connect your Instagram account to the platform. Not only that, but you also get many customization options like 9 in-built theme options.

5. EmbedSocial

This Instagram Widget tool enables users to embed the Instagram feed using an embed code on the WordPress website. On EmbedSocial, you need to choose Instagram as a source and link your account to create the feed. The tool then provides a code you must paste on the backend of your website to embed the Instagram Widget. 

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Now that we have made it to the end of this blog, we hope you know some interesting Instagram Widget tools for the WordPress website. We just introduced you to some robust Instagram Widget tools, and we also shared the benefits. 

So, why not choose an Instagram Widget tool and boost your WordPress website performance with some engaging Instagram content?

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