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How to get viral using TikTok promote

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More and more companies are seeing the value of building a TikTok community. The network reached over 1 billion monthly active users last year, and Gen Z continues to use it the most often of any social media generation.
While businesses are flocking to TikTok, they soon realize that it is only one piece of the jigsaw to produce exciting content. How can you get the attention you deserve? It is crucial to have a TikTok advertising plan in this situation.

Fortunately, TikTok businesses get off to a good start because it’s the platform where people say they feel the most positively about branded content. There is additional evidence of the possible advantages for firms who execute their promotional campaign flawlessly: Nearly half of TikTok users said they use the app to discover new stuff.

Companies have a few options when choosing how to advertise TikTok videos on the TikTok app. So, here’s all you need to know to get started, whether you choose to employ influencers, sponsored advertisements, or explore the new “TikTok Promote” function.

About TikTok Promote

TikTok debuted its latest function, Promote, in 2021. The TikTok promote button lets users with business accounts pay to promote TikTok videos, much to Facebook’s “Boost” function. Users may push their material to a larger group of TikTokers by using this function to promote a video, potentially growing their following, view counts, and website traffic.

How to utilize TikTok Promote

Because TikTok’s Promote function is still in its infancy, businesses who grasp it now may anticipate riding the crest of the TikTok promotion wave

For marketers interested in learning how to advertise TikTok videos using the new functionality, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide:

1.Pick a goal.

Depending on the business aim you intend to accomplish with the campaign. You can choose one of three “goals” when you start a new TikTok Promote campaign. More viewers, website visitors, or followers are examples of this.
Your video will reach a wider audience as it receives more tiktok views.This makes it a terrific option if you want to draw attention to a particular service and appear on more people’s For You Pages (FYP). Naturally, you can attract new audiences interested in your material. In that case, they are likelier to follow you, interact with other pieces of your content, and even visit your website.

The strategy that most closely resembles Instagram’s swipe-up functionality is more website visits. You will be asked to input your website’s URL and choose a call to action while putting up your advertisement. This objective could be the most alluring to social commerce firms since you can utilize it to concentrate on driving visitors to your sales platform.

Increase your TikTok following by choosing this target to gain more followers. Again, as long as you continually provide high-quality organic material, a rise in desirable followers may frequently lead to better interaction and view counts!

2. Create your TikTok marketing campaign.

In your business suite settings, click “Promote” to see the ability to create a Promote campaign.

Once your goal has been established, you can choose the audience you want to target either automatically (in which case TikTok will choose the audience for you) or manually (in which case you have greater control over the demographics of the target audience).

Keep a few things in mind while setting up your TikTok Promote campaign. Only videos without copyrighted music can utilize the Promote function. You must either utilize one of the 100,000 free sounds in TikTok’s sound collection or have an original sound.

3. View the outcomes

On the Promotion details page, you can discover the campaign’s outcomes. These are accessible both during the TikTok Promotion and after it has concluded.

The TikTok Analytics metrics that may be used for social media marketing by businesses include:

  • Your financial commitment and the promotion’s duration
  • how many likes, comments, and shares are there
  • The number of views for a video
  • if you’re trying to increase website traffic, the number of link clicks.

You can determine where your advertisement has been effective and where you might want to make changes in future campaigns by keeping an eye on the outcomes of your Promote campaign. Additionally, you’ll be able to determine whether you’re successfully contacting your intended audience.

4. How to use advertisements to promote TikTok videos

Of course, TikTok Promote is one of many options for promoting videos on the network. The extensive paid advertisements platform on TikTok is often updated to give businesses the finest choices for promoting their videos on the app.

For your TikTok ad campaign, there are now seven distinct paid advertisement choices accessible. The In-Feed Ad, which displays in the native feed of TikTokers’ ‘For You’ pages, is the most well-liked of them.

Brand takeovers, hashtag challenges, sponsored lenses, top views advertisements, spark ads, and bespoke influencers are further options.

Various possibilities may meet every brand’s budget and ultimate aim; ensure you’ve configured your TikTok advertisements account to accept them.

5. Strong Start

Because most TikTok videos are only a few seconds long and people’s attention spans are going shorter, you’ll need a compelling opening to draw viewers in. Before getting to the primary topic of your film, there is just no time for a drawn-out introduction.

The opening few seconds, if not even the first few frames, must create the hook. According to research, videos that start with strong emotions have a 1.7 times higher six-second view rate than those that open with more neutral sentiments.

6. Be Funny and Relatable

There isn’t a particular form of material that will always go viral. However, being humorous and personable in your postings will help you increase those chances.

In TikTok, humor, especially black humor, is quite effective. This is primarily because Gen Z, which accounts for 60% of TikTok users, is so prevalent. This user base enjoys and finds humor in sarcastic, humorous, and occasionally humiliating video material.

Authenticity is another critical component of TikTok, with 64% of users feeling comfortable being themselves there. Be relevant and genuine to appeal to the TikTok community and become viral.

7. Upgrade to a TikTok Business Account

Brands can surely use TikTok’s Business account, which was released in 2020 and may aid their efforts to go viral.

You may monetize your videos by selling your goods on TikTok Shopping using a TikTok Business account and the TikTok sales channel on your Shopify shop. Since the Shopping page is integrated into your profile, visitors may easily convert to buyers with a single swipe. Additionally, you may tag goods in your videos, allowing viewers to touch one button to go straight to your product website.

Owning a business account doesn’t directly affect how likely the TikTok algorithm will recommend your content. It does, however, provide you additional insight into the effectiveness of your content, audience behavior, and other things. This helps you better understand your followers, how they respond to your content, and ultimately how to improve your TikTok marketing plan.


Tiktok is a platform that can not only get you famous but also an excellent platform to promote business and new ideas and get people to notice your skills. Tiktok promotion can help you get viral and more viewership and followers to your account. Especially if you are a business owner who needs to promote the brand with tiktok promotion and trending strategies, you can achieve good results. 

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