Study Habits That Guarantee Success in Competitive Exams

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Well, there are some study habits that can help you sail through the tough phases of cracking the competitive exams. You must be aware that around 2 crore aspirants appear in the exams every year. But only a handful of them gets selected for the job. Many aspirants stay eager to know the reason for their success. Let us tell you the secret to their success is their good habits. Cultivating these habits will surely help you crack the competitive exam. This article will help you know some study habits that guarantee success in competitive exams. 

If you think that spending 12 or 13 hours on studying can help you achieve your goal then dear, you are not right here. Remember that working hard with the right guidance is smart work. You are required to spend at least four hours on the right study material daily. Many students in India usually prepare for the defence, bank, railways, and SSC exams. Are you preparing for the bank exams? If yes, then approaching the institutions that can provide you with the best books for SSC  CGL can help you achieve your goal. 

Here are some study habits that guarantee success in competitive exams.

Read a Prominent Newspaper Daily

Reading newspapers is a must to crack the competitive exams.  This will help you get knowledge of current affairs which is a very important section of the exam. But try to read a prominent newspaper such as  The Hindu. You can get this newspaper on the internet for free. Highlight the important sections that are relevant to your exam. You can also cut these sections and store them in a place where you can access them easily during revision. If you are reading the newspaper on the phone then you can save the screenshots of the important content. 

You can also watch some prominent news channels such as RSTV and LKTV etc. They often conduct debates on important current issues. Furthermore, they also telecast some shows that provide necessary information on the new technologies. Watching these channels daily will surely help you gain knowledge of current affairs. If you are preparing for the bank exams then approaching the best institutions that provide the best books for bank exams will be a good idea for you.

Crave  the Right  Information

The right information on study material and every aspect of the exam will keep you on the right track. Many students start to prepare for the exam without collecting the right and detailed information on the exams. Remember to download the updated syllabus and notifications from the official websites of the commission conducting the exam. Don’t forget to read the notification before filling in the form. Because any minor mistake on your admit card will create trouble in further proceedings. Right study material is the soul of your preparations. Read limited and recognized books for your exams. Develop a habit of craving the right information. Eventually, this will help you in your preparations. 


Many experts suggest that aspirants should add revision as an important part of their schedule.  Please keep in mind that revision always improves your knowledge and enhances your confidence.  If possible then try to revise the books that contain most of the syllabus. You might be aware that revision transfers the content from short-term memory to permanent memory. Hence, take tests on every concept you have studied. Note-making, taking tests and active recalling can help you revise the concepts in a better way. However, you can take help from your mobile phone to make colorful notes. You can read these notes in your free time or while traveling.

Study in an Ideal Environment

An ideal environment will help you concentrate on your concepts efficiently. You might have noticed that it is easy to retain content in your mind when you study in a peaceful environment. Furthermore, you can also study in a library. Because the library is a place where you can find minimum distractions.  However, an institution can give you an environment where people like you yearn for the same goal. You can stay updated on the new rules, exam dates, the release of admit cards, etc. Are you preparing for the upcoming SSC CGL exam? If yes, then approaching the best institutions that provide you with the best books for SSC CGL can help you race your preparations. 

Eat a Natural Diet and Exercise Daily

Food has some impact on our thoughts. Research has shown that eating a sugary diet can lead to depression. Avoid junk foods. Hydration will help you stay active. As a result, you will be able to concentrate on your preparations. Eating a natural diet will help you think positive thoughts. Moreover, exercising daily will boost the immune system. Not only this but exercise also enhances the quality of sleep. Eventually, deep sleep will help you prepare your mind to retain more content. Hence, eating a natural diet and exercising daily can help you in preparing well for the exams.

Solving Mock Tests

Mock tests will help you manage the crucial time during the exam. Many students burn the midnight oil to crack even the first tier of the exam. But mismanagement of a single second is enough to spoil their preparations. This blunder can be avoided with the help of mock tests. If possible then try to practice mock tests that are in the exact format of the exams. This will help you know how exactly the questions are going to appear in front of you. Eventually, you will be able to attempt more answers correctly.

Are you preparing for the bank exams? If yes, then approaching the best institutions that can provide you with the best books for bank exams can help you achieve your goal. 


We hope that you will cultivate these habits in yourself. Well, developing these habits is not an easy task. But believing in yourself can transform the impossible into the possible. Don’t forget to take care of your health while preparing for the exams.

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