Peanut Butter Producer Saves More then US$85,000 Per year with TankJet Tank Cleaners

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A food company needed a better way to clean five tanks used for making peanut butter. The 500-gallon (1,893 liter) tanks were being cleaned with fill and drain cycles using heated peanut oil. To ensure cleanliness, employees also had to scrub the tanks by hand. Each cleaning cycle wasted about 100 gallons (379 liters) of peanut oil. In addition, the method was time consuming and cleaning was inconsistent. In addition, the cleaning is completely automated, eliminating the need for manual labor.


TankJet AA090 motor-driven tank cleaners are now used to efficiently and effectively clean all five of the tanks. The tank cleaner has two solid-stream rotating nozzles, which revolves 360° to provide complete cleaning of tank interiors. Short cleaning cycles have reduced the volume of peanut oil required for cleaning and enabled             the tanks to be returned to service more quickly.

In addition, the cleaning is completely automated, eliminating the need for manual labor. | 1.800.95.SPRAY  |  Intl. Tel: 1.630.665.5000

Peanut Butter


The use of the TankJet AA090 tank cleaning systems have yielded several benefits for the food producer.

The time for each tank washing and cleaning has decreased from two hours to just 30 minutes, enabling an increase in production time. Workers who previously provided manual cleaning after the initial fill and drain process,

have been deployed to other tasks. Peanut oil use and the energy required for heating decreased

by 60%. The producer estimates they have not only saved more than US$85,000 annually since the tank cleaners have been installed, they also received payback on the equipment investment in two months.


Peanut Butter

TankJet AA090 Tank Cleaner provides trouble – free installation and high-impact, 360° cleaning of tanks up to 8 ft. (2.4 m) in diameter. An external motor, positioned outside the tank away from harmful caustics, drives the rotational speed of the nozzle. The unit provides efficient, consistent and reliable cleaning with virtually no maintenance.


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