FSBO Leads for Realtors

The Ultimate Guide to FSBO Leads for Realtors

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When working with FSBO listings, it’s important to price a home well to sell. Consider what other similar homes have sold for and what the current market is doing. You should also check to ensure that the seller isn’t an agent. The listing must be verified before you can begin working with it.

Do-it-yourself FSBO lead scripts

FSBO lead scripts can be helpful tools in marketing your real estate business. They allow you to connect with potential buyers by establishing rapport over the phone. However, you should ensure you use the scripts with appropriate composure and execution. The Mike Ferry script, for example, allows you to answer the question ‘yes’ and mention your name and company to instill trust.

Another excellent tool on how to find FSBO leads is advertising on sites like Facebook and Bing. Setting up these ads to target potential buyers can be easier than cold calling. Having an ad set up can double your return on investment. You can even share your scripts with other real estate agents

While many agents use a sales script to convert FSBO leads into paying clients, it’s much more effective to use a script specifically designed for FSBO sellers. For instance, a script that starts by addressing common questions and problems faced by FSBO sellers can be a great way to build rapport and gain the trust of your future clients.


If you want to increase your number of FSBO leads, you need to follow up with them consistently. Unlike other lead sources, FSBOs tend to have a higher response rate. This means you can start a conversation by asking them a few questions. Asking questions about their experience with previous agents can help you avoid making the same mistakes. Address any concerns they have, and respond with unique ways to add value to their lives.

If you’re planning on contacting an FSBO, it is essential to understand their expectations and the process of selling their home. For example, if the FSBO is trying to figure out how to market their home, you should ask them about traffic patterns, which will give you an idea of how to approach them.

FSBO leads can be great opportunities for agents if they’re done correctly. The key is to develop a strategy and practice it consistently. If you can get a lead from an FSBO and convert it into a listing, you’ll be well on your way to success.

County Delinquent Taxpayer List

delinquent taxpayer list is a public document used by the County Board of Equalization to notify potential buyers of properties that may be subject to tax sales. The list includes parcel numbers, owner names, property descriptions, and the total amount of delinquent taxes and penalties. The list is also available for purchase by registered tax buyers. A tax buyer is allowed to purchase this list twice a year. The first release of the list is made available ten days before the scheduled tax sale. The list is sent electronically to the buyer’s email address. Updates are available at no extra cost.

The list contains a comprehensive list of delinquent accounts for both real and personal property. However, this list is not the same as the tax sale “List of Properties” prepared by the Treasurer.

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