Top 8 Sassy Hairstyles For Long Hair With Fringe

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Long hair themselves are strong enough to embrace physical beauty and confidence. Adding a fringe haircut with bangs just elevates the hairstyle to a new level of fun or sass.

If you are blessed with good hair length, or you wear hair extensions for the same, be at least experimental for once with hair bang extensions. 

Why Are Hair Bangs So Trendy?

Hair bangs are one of the trending hairstyles today, but what has made them so popular? Let us check that out below

  • They Look Modern

When you wear bang extensions, it gives a modern twist because it is a beautiful mixture of two lengths. Your wavy hair with fringe that is straight and short upto eyebrow length breaks the monotony of the hair, making it look super classy and modern.

  • Makes Hairline Look Denser

When you wear hair bangs, there is a cluster of beautiful hair that dangles on your forehead, which makes your hairline look denser. This gives an overall impression of good hair volume.

  • Changes Face Shape Instantly 

Haircuts and hairstyles play a very important role in changing your face shape; with the help of hair bangs, you can hide that certain portion of your face. Wear long hair with fringes that are straight, curly, or side-parted. This way, automatically, the focus on your face is diverted to give you a different face cut.

Well, this was not all. There are many more advantages of using hair bangs but let us look at some of the classic hairstyles you can experiment with your long hair

8 Looks In Long Hair With Fringe

Bang hair extensions are a very convenient way to elevate your look, and we are here to tell you how you can wear them with your long hair. The best hairstyles are curated below:

Long Hair With Fringe Shag

If you are up for a look that looks fun, quirky, and smartly flirtatious, then choppy shag is there for you.

You have to give yourself a messy chop in the long hair and especially to your bang hair extensions. Your bang extensions should have high hair density, and the fringes should have mid shaft waves to give your hair depth. 

Feathered Side Fringe Hair

If you are trying hair bang extensions for the first time, then you should try this one. Under this hairstyle, you have hair extensions that are majorly on one side of your head, and they have a length up to your chin. You can give them a feathered step-cut to bring the beautiful layers. 

To blend the bang hair extensions with the hair, you can also give your long hair a feathered cut.

Razored Bangs

Sharp banks straight on the face are always a statement. If you want to look younger than your age, you should definitely try this look in fringe hair sharply cut over eyebrows.

No matter whatever is the length or the pattern of your hair, add your bang hair extension that is high in volume and give it a sharp straight cut that is half an inch above your eyebrows.

Side Thick Cut Layers

This hairstyle plays a major role in changing your face shape. To make your face look sharper or highlight the best profile, you can take a side partition of your hair and attach bang hair extensions. Now give it a layered cut so that it covers around 1/3 portion of your head.

Give more character to your side bangs; you can add hair highlights or give it a feathered cut for more dimension.

Layered Mid Parted Bangs

If you get scared a lot for trying a new look, this hairstyle is midway between hair bangs and hair flicks. You can install bang hair extensions that go down to earlobe length.

Please put them in the middle partition and, towards the end, roll them outside. This way, they look elongated bangs that also give the impression of highly styled hair flicks

Shattered Long Hair With Fringe

This hairstyle promises you bounce and lots of character wrapped up in a single look. Under this hairstyle, you get to have long bangs that are highly thinned out to give you little messy fringes, which gives the glimpses of your face.

Your hair is divided into a middle-parted section and given the same layering and texture to match your bangs and complete the look. This kind of hairstyle looks best with ombré and hair highlights.

Thin Straight Razor Bangs

In this hairstyle, you can carry your long hair with fringes just like you do with regular thick razor cut bangs with only one difference. The difference is in the hair density. The hair density is almost similar. Just in the very middle, the density gets toned down by some rough trims. 

This hairstyle looks very flowy and casual and gives an easiness to your hair look.

Laid Thick Flick

In this hairstyle, your hair bangs are very subtle and look more like a thick flick with the side partition. In this majoa

Why Choose Bang Hair Extensions?

The above-listed looks are very easy to do to transform your look, but at the same time, we know it isn’t easy to commit to something you have never tried before, and that is why bang hair extensions come to the rescue.

Real hair may not be that dense, long, or versatile enough to give any shape over the hairline, but with the help of bang hair extensions, it is easy to do so.

The hair extensions from Diva Divine are easy to wear, use, and clean. They come in different lengths, textures, and patterns and are made of virgin human hair, allowing you to experiment with color, trims, and styling.


Bang hair extensions not only help you to go for new avatars without messing up with your real hair but, at the same time, give you the option to style them the way you want. 

You can get your long hair with fringe, without even a single snap of scissors, and transform yourself into a new person. So if you are up for fun and safe transformation, buy your Human hair bangs from Diva Divine And go on a journey of self discovery!

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